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Nuestra Historia


Iglesia Cristiana Monte Olivar (Mount Olive Christian Church) was founded 1995 by Collazo-Vega, William after years of resisting the Lords calling. It all began in a basement, the first Sunday 10 people gathered. Quickly the group grew; so much thata month later we had to move to a location that could fit 50 people. it was 3 months later that we had to move to a 2nd floor at 4318 N 5th, Street,  There God continued to move in a mighty way.  

Souls were being saved, the church was growing and God continued to move. For more than a decade we remained at this location when finally we had also outgrown the facilities. He provided a place at 419 W. Luray street., an activity room, classrooms for the children and youth, and parking. Almost another dacade has passed and the founder retired on October 26th 2014 and a new pastor has been ordained. The new Pastor William Collazo Jr. whom God had called from an early age would now take over the reigns. .

During the 20 years that the founder guided this church, Mount Olive was the birthplace of many ministries. Several ministers have been ordained and have begun their churches. the following pastors were a product of Mount Olive: 

  • Ity Collazo

  • Guillermo A. Collazo

  • Rubén Surillo  

  • Jose Torres

What Began in 1995 with one individual and the decision to obey has grown exponentially and has been a blessing to multitudes.

And the story continues...


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